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Control Tower

One afternoon there wasn’t much going on and being the restless soul that I am, I had to get out of the house. Logan was younger and extremely into airplanes (his father being a pilot). We had frequented the Local FBO and the guys and gals there were always very accommodating and generous with their time. We’ve ridden fuel tank trucks, taken tours of firefighting helicopters and airplanes, we’ve been driven up and down the ramp on a side-by-side, we’ve stuck our heads into every open hangar we possibly could...but one day, we called the Tower. Now in a big city this might be close to impossible, but in Twin Falls, the control tower gentlemen let us come right on in. We hiked what felt like 10 flights of stairs (half carrying a 3 year old) and the view from the top was breath taking. The tower operators showed us every switch, dial, and headset microphone. We got out official binoculars and looked for airplanes. Logan was on cloud nine...literally. It’s so rewarding to try new things, “it never hurts to ask” a rule to live by

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