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Ever been tractor shopping?

Ok, so this is a little random and might take a little courage but, on a day when the kids are home and dying to be entertained and the weather isn’t cooperating take the kids tractor shopping, seriously! I took my kids to Stotz Equipment and you’d never believe how incredibly nice those guys can be. There was a parking lot full of two story tall combines and harvesters all kinds of machinery and no customers around so I took the kids inside the store (after walking a couple of rows of John Deer tractors outside). Inside they have tons of toys, clothes, oh yeah and farming equipment. But the coolest part? The guys working there love what they do and love explaining all they know about different machines. We took a tour, drI’ve combines, rode around in tractors that needed to be relocated on the lot...It was once again a fabulous experience! And because of their generosity I also got a chance to teach my kids how to bake a proper “thank-you“ cookie basket. Thank you again Stotz Equipment

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