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The must see fishing spots for kids near Twin Falls

Did you know that there are over 19 state-run hatcheries in Idaho? There are more federal hatcheries. And, almost all of them stock ponds for fishing nearby. Some of these hatcheries have observatories for kids to see salmon, sturgeon, and other local fish. Some have places to even pet the sturgeon, and some, like the one in Hagerman, have huge warehouses where they have fish in every developmental phase of life for kids to see and learn about. Our personal favorite spot in Niagara Springs, there are several docks that you can fish off of into a pond off the snake river, and directly below the hatchery (at the end of the road) there is a fenced in area where kids can fish off of a drop. There are pelicans, sheep, bald eagles, ducks, geese, and the restless kids can walk the road (there is only 1 so its relatively safe). On your way home, don't forget to hit up Kelly's orchard to pick your own apples, peaches, melons, pumpkins (depending on season). #kidslovetofish #fishhatcheries #idahostocksponds

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